CSA Z662 Steam Pipelines

MPI Oilfield holds all of the necessary ABSA certifications for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of above-ground steam pipelines in Alberta. Our highly skilled welders, quality control staff and inspectors have safely and efficiently completed a number of these installations in the northeastern Alberta SAGD region from Cold Lake to Fort McMurray.


Pressure Pipelines

MPI Oilfield has the expertise to complete a broad range of pipeline projects—both buried and above ground—with a special emphasis on above-ground pipeline systems integral to steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) projects in northeastern Alberta’s Bitumen Belt, between Cold Lake and Fort McMurray. These systems include steam supply lines (built to CSA Z662 specifications); and all emulsion, product and fuel-gas supply lines required for safe and efficient in situ bitumen production.


Facility Construction

MPI Oilfield specializes in facility construction, with full ABSA certifications to build or repair—in the shop or in the field—boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping. From large-scale SAGD facilities to gas metering stations and oil batteries, we have the fully certified crews ready to meet your needs.


Shop Fabrication

MPI Oilfield operates 21,000 square feet of heated, indoor fabrication space in Bonnyville, in the heart of Alberta’s in situ bitumen production region. Our fully certified staff of STT® (surface tension transfer) welders, pressure welders, structural welders, pipefitters, equipment operators and labourers have the expertise to meet a variety of original fabrication needs. MPI Oilfield staff can also cost effectively and safely perform required repairs to structures, pipes and tanks.


Plant Maintenance and Turnarounds

MPI Oilfield offers a full suite of plant-turnaround and field-maintenance services; facility modifications; and pipeline-maintenance and repair services, including integrity digs and inspections of buried pipelines. Our ultimate goal is to complete these maintenance and repair projects quickly, safely and professionally, minimizing production downtime.


Oilfield Hauling

At MPI Oilfiled, we are able to transport loads of varying size and content. Using our modern fleet of trucks, tractors and trailers, we move small and large loads, including equipment. Our ability to move material for customers and for ourselves creates added value and complements our menu of other service offerings. Our oilfield hauling operation includes a full fleet of boom trucks—ranging from 1.5 tons to 45 tons—and winch tractors—up to 30 tons—all complete with a variety of trailer setups.



With certified CWB welders on staff and a wealth of in-house fabrication expertise, MPI is well positioned to provide a variety of pumpjack services. In addition to in-shop fabrication, we provide transportation services to move pumpjack units to the field for installation. We also provide pumpjack maintenance services for single wells or multi-well pads. And in the event of a field upset, we offer a full suite of emergency-shutdown services.



MPI Oilfield offers a full range of heat-treatment services for pipes, valves, flanges and connections. This includes heat treating, stress relieving, cold pipe cutting and bevelling, cold taps, and pipe coring. For already installed facilities we offer hydro  testing and hydrostatic flange testing, hydraulic torqueing and bolting services, and on-site machining.